How to hard-wire your brain

I love the “Fish Philosophy” here is a snapshot from their blog to ponder… Here are four simple strategies, including tips from The FISH! Philosophy, to add to your brain’s positive balance sheet: Savor the positive. It’s said that “neurons that fire together, wire together.” When you have a positive experience, hold on to it. […]

Art Therapy

I started looking at what this is and how it works, when I realised I already know the answer to these questions, for myself. Being creative to me is a time when I do something I enjoy, I play with materials to create something. I don’t do it to deal with emotions I just do […]

How to Move On

Since I lost my job, through someone who refused to work with me, because I suffer from depression. I have felt very bitter. Mainly because it was my dream job, I was earning a lot of money, which meant I could travel and see my children and pay our huge mortgage without concern. A lot […]

Misconceptions About Depression

A woman  asked me the other day if I could get her a medical certificate indicating when I was cured of my depression. I was so taken aback that at first I did not know what to say. Really in this day and age, do some people really think that depression is something that you […]

Turned Upside Down

How could my life be so different from the last post. The person who treated me so unfairly has now decided to undermine me in my new job. They are very shrewd and did it verbally and when asked will not put it in writing. The damage is done and I am going to loss […]


Well things have changed since I last wrote on the blog…I do have a new job. It just fell in my lap, my dream job. Did this happen because I was thinking more positively, had finally decided to move on from my career and change directions?? I am not sure, I do know that I […]

Does a Change of Job Help

This is something I am wondering about at the moment, with myself, because it was in the same industry, the answer is no. A lot contributed to that, one was a small town, same people at the top controlling others and me still. The guy I talked about earlier had taken the opportunity to move […]

Tall Poppy Syndrome

I have done a little bit of research on this and am not sure if I agree that people who are affected and attacked are high achievers. I believe it is anyone who is enthusiastic and enjoys what they do that are targeted by those who either are not keeping up or want things to […]


I like the balloons on this theme, I kind of feel like I am floating and with a lot of balloons supporting me I can stay above the turmoil that is my life at the moment. I do not know if I will every raise my head and be a tall poppy again, I wonder […]