Art Therapy

I started 0eb89b6fdd404ec67cbe75ddfd6e3210looking at what this is and how it works, when I realised I already know the answer to these questions, for myself.

Being creative to me is a time when I do something I enjoy, I play with materials to create something. I don’t do it to deal with emotions I just do it, because I am fully focused in it while I am creating something. That to me is the key to how it is helpful in strengthening my inner self.

Making something with our hands is something that is apart of us, it began with creating things for need, then we began to decorate those things to enjoy them and make them distinctive to the person who made them. During these times, people worked together to make and share ideas and skills in a non competitive way, just for the joy of sharing.

I don’t create with others, however I feel this would be beneficial in the future. If the opportunity comes along I may join a group of creators.

I am strong enough to put my creations out there to sell, I do enjoy positive feedback, but there is the moment of realism when something doesn’t sell that I have to deal with. I have learnt that the creating is more important to me than the selling.

The colouring in craze is wonderful, lots of people are enjoying the therapy of art, their creations give them time to just create and not have to think about other things. Lots of people share what they have done and I applaud them on the time they have spent for themselves, just doing something they enjoy. Keep it up.

It doesn’t matter if you have never “done” art before, just grab some stuff make thing and make something, you will enjoy it, I promise….have fun creating.


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