How to Move On

Since I lost my job, through someone who refused to work with me, because I suffer from depression. I have felt very bitter. Mainly because it was my dream job, I was earning a lot of money, which meant I could travel and see my children and pay our huge mortgage without concern. A lot has happened, my Dad recently died, after a short illness, and I have a new job, which I love.

My bitterness towards this person is very deep. Since Dad passed I have started to realise that I have to forgive them for what they did. I am the one with the problem, because I am sure they do not give me a second thought. The humiliation they put me through has been really hard to come to terms with, facing people knowing she has said things about me, but not knowing what or to whom.

If I don’t forgive her then I am stopping myself from moving on and seeing life in a better light, an anger bubbles away inside me and I have to put it out or I will miss out on what I can achieve in life because my focus is on her and self pity.

A friend of mine said I need to look at what I have and be grateful, I realise now this is so true. I have three beautiful children, two beautiful step children, three amazing grandchildren a great husband, my family and friends and I have a job also that I am able to work. There are so many people out there with far less than me and who have lost more important things than a job.

So to the world out there I forgive you Mandy for what you did to me, and what you did no longer directs my emotions, it is behind me and forgotten.

A Quote I just read online

The more anger you hold from the past in your heart,

the less capable you are of loving the present



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