Turned Upside Down

How could my life be so different from the last post. The person who treated me so unfairly has now decided to undermine me in my new job. They are very shrewd and did it verbally and when asked will not put it in writing. The damage is done and I am going to loss this amazing job, which I have waited fro all my life. So now she has not only undermined me in my profession locally but outside of our community.

I am devastated, humiliated and lost really. The one thing I can say though is I am stronger than before, I now know what my mind will do and how the negative thoughts will come along at high speed. I can’t say I do not get upset and even angry, but I do not want to take my life like how her destruction of me has caused before.

I am going to fight back, no one deserves to be destroyed like she has done to me for two years now, and think she can get away with it. She wrote a letter to my new boss saying she does not want to dwell in the past but wants to move onto the future, it does not matter to her I now have no future, well at least in the career I have always wanted.

So we come back to who are these people who feel they have the right to destroy others with their actions or words? They say fly away comments and say things to undermine you and then just go about their day, not realising the hurt they have caused. Nor how that person is going to beat themselves up for the next few hours or days and if they do have the strength to carry on will have lost a part of themselves, their self esteem or confidence.

What makes this all worse is no one stands up to them. A teacher does not allow this to happen in their classroom and talks about the effect of bullying on others, how yo may not see how it effects someone but deep down it does. Children are taught to stand up for others and not allow them to be bullied by others. Yet as adults we allow this behaviour to happen all the time and just sit back.

I have copied this tribute to Robin Williams, to see the full essay click the link below the exert.

Russell Brand’s eloquent tribute to Robin Williams

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

It may surprise those of you who have never read a Russell Brand essay on the wrongness of austerity or the ills of contemporary society to realize the comedic man has depth and insight. And so I expected his tribute to Robin Williams to be equally brilliant. Here is the full essay.

I chose the excerpt below to capture Brand’s point about our very human fragility that gets bulldozed by our “man up” compassionless society.

What platitudes then can we fling along with the listless, insufficient wreaths at the stillness that was once so animated and wired, the silence where the laughter was? That fame and accolades are no defence against mental illness and addiction? That we live in a world that has become so negligent of human values that our brightest lights are extinguishing themselves? That we must be more vigilant, more aware, more grateful, more mindful? That we can’t tarnish this tiny slice of awareness that we share on this sphere amidst the infinite blackness with conflict and hate?

That we must reach inward and outward to the light that is inside all of us? That all around us people are suffering behind masks less interesting than the one Robin Williams wore? Do you have time to tune in to Fox News, to cement your angry views to calcify the certain misery?

What I might do is watch Mrs Doubtfire. Or Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting and I might be nice to people, mindful today how fragile we all are, how delicate we are, even when fizzing with divine madness that seems like it will never expire.

Food for thought, but will the bullies ever read this and relate it to themselves, I am not sure they will.


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