Well things have changed since I last wrote on the blog…I do have a new job. It just fell in my lap, my dream job. Did this happen because I was thinking more positively, had finally decided to move on from my career and change directions?? I am not sure, I do know that I am happier than I have been in a long time. Yes I have given up my career but this is a new career. Louise Hay is someone I love she tells you to let go of things in your life and say that they do not have any control over you, this is so true. Those people who you have been letting control your thoughts and actions, do have no power of you, but you must forgive them and let it go and believe they have no control over you. I created a diary of the exercises and quote from the book below, years ago, I had just started reading it again, when the new job came along. Coincidence??

I still have the “THOUGHTS”, however I am learning to see them for what they are, just thoughts. They are not who I am, I acknowledge them but do not let them take a hold of me or decide how I am or feel. Now I have been doing this for a while, they do have less impact on me, and they are not bombarding me like they were.  Do not get me wrong, I know they are still there and will appear when I am low. We must remember that it will always be there so be vigilant.



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