Tall Poppy Syndrome

I have done a little bit of research on this and am not sure if I agree that people who are affected and attacked are high achievers. I believe it is anyone who is enthusiastic and enjoys what they do that are targeted by those who either are not keeping up or want things to stay the way they are. Some people do not want anyone to be better than them, even though a lot of people who are on the the receiving end of this abuse are just enjoying what they do and what to share that. They are not rubbing people’s faces in it. But are so often seen as they are. So why should they say nothing, keep quiet about their successes? Should we not all celebrate together, we are all different and we all have different strengths. I have seen so many young teacher squash before they even get into the swing of teaching.

The stuff I have read blames the person that was to celebrate not the one who goes for their jugular. Ummm…maybe I am on my own in this thinking???

“We should be humble” ….. why should we that is what I say, does humble make people grow????? If you enjoy what you do and have done why not celebrate it?


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