Does a Change of Job Help

This is something I am wondering about at the moment, with myself, because it was in the same industry, the answer is no. A lot contributed to that, one was a small town, same people at the top controlling others and me still.

The guy I talked about earlier had taken the opportunity to move to another job, but has the damage been done? As I found the anger, bitterness and feeling of being betrayed goes with you. When he is going has some fun, enthusiastic people, I feel they will let him thrive and celebrate, but is his emotional state going to let him?

Well I found out about “Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy”..umm it is about changing your thinking patterns. When you have been treated badly and undermined your thoughts become very negative and forever throwing thoughts at you that are not positive.

sane new worldI am presently reading Ruby Wax’s book ‘Sane New World’, she also on Facebook. She often posts on a Blog The Huffing Post here is a link to one of your entries.

The reason I am reading this books is I need to change my thinking and recognise when I am thinking thoughts, that are not good for me or I need to let go over. I am slowing realising that I no longer have to be the best and I can just enjoy life, I have proved myself, why I now have no idea, to the world that I can get to the top of the ladder and have a right to be there. More on this another day. It is Christmas Eve and I still need to do some shopping so bye for now.


….I lost my mind seven years ago


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