I like the balloons on this theme, I kind of feel like I am floating and with a lot of balloons supporting me I can stay above the turmoil that is my life at the moment.

I do not know if I will every raise my head and be a tall poppy again, I wonder if it is really worth it. You become a target and you see the ugly side of people. It is shocking to witness and unbelievable to bear, but it is happening all the time to people.

How do we change this virus of jealousy and victimization that thrives in our society today.

I live in a small community where I know people are in positions they would not be in if in a city. I visualize them with these razor sharp claws and blood dripping from their mouths as thy take chucks out of people daily until their are broken and lifeless.

Seeing this happening to myself and others and what can you do. No one listens, in the end you doubt yourself and give up. I have given up so many times and cannot fight them any more, because of this we will lose all we have, so even then they have control of your life.

They don’t leave you alone once you are gone from their control, they poison your life by spreading their vicious lies and thoughts to others that they find out you have contact with, especially if you are trying to move on. Will Kama give you justice? Will they ever see the way they have crushed people and destroyed them, I used to think so, but not now.

Listening to a young guy with a lovely family and wife, who is amazing at his job, tell me about how he has given up and is going to leave a profession he was born for, breaks my heart. He is victimised daily for being so talented and giving his whole to his job. He is a broken man and they the (… ummm… I need to give them a name), ??? suck on his blood daily. He like me and I know many others is used for his knowledge, which they use for their own gains with no recognition, and like blood hounds they sniff around seeking titbits to ignite and hold to the masses as failures, to drive you deeper into despair.

Work place bullying, well that is a joke. In my town no lawyers will take on your case, they discourage you for doing so. I found the union in my profession, supportive but no way did they want to take it any further. Most of the time when you are going through this you have no fight left in you, they have sucked the life out of you so much you can’t even get up everyday let alone fight them. They ensure they have yes, people around them so you would be never get the truth heard any way. So what do you do, that is one of the questions I am asking myself at the moment.

Before I go I think about the anger that this daily torment provokes in you. The guy I have shared about he is so angry, it is changing him and making him bitter, which I suppose will mean he will fall into their hands like I did once, I blew and that gave them the ammunition they needed to get rid of me. I hope he does not do this, he will regret it and they hold it up with pride to the masses as the evidence that they are right about you, no one see what was happening to you just you final behaviour. I wonder if they climax with elation at the success of breaking this much and being able to hold your failure to the world.

I am going to research a name for these vultures, I want to name them as lots of us have them in our lives and giving them a name I feel makes them not so strong.


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